Visiting the New Surfers Paradise

Visiting Surfers Paradise is a transcendental experience. If you can’t hear the sound of the waves echoing through Cavill Mall, showering the whole place with salt and making it smell of summer, you’ll listen to the music and the animated crowds chatting in the bars and restaurants.

By night, you’ll contemplate a beautiful and serene ambiance – the lights over the strip, and people sharing a good time with each other. Salt is not only in the air, but also on your plates, and there’s a wide variety of seafood options as well as specialty Australian restaurants among The Esplinade, a paradise for food lovers right there by the sea.

Considered by many Queensland’s most vibrant city, the precinct is home to all sorts of cultural events, as well as sports and music regardless of the current season. With a set of faithful, loyal locals and a large number of enamoured tourists, visiting Surfers Paradise is an incredible experience for your senses, that only gets better over time

Since it was founded inĀ 1933, Surfers Paradise has been through drastic changes, and it remains evolving even in the last few years. The city looks fantastic nowadays, better than it ever did with the Foreshore upgrades as well as the Gold Coast Light Real that’s now in its stride.

The Light Rail

Residents, Holiday visitors and the Gold Coast’s homegrown are now able to access the centre much more quickly and conveniently than they used to, due to the Light Real, which can be accessed from the busy Broadbeach streets, or the edges of Southport. Designed specifically for the Gold Coast locals and visitors, it follows a costal reach starting from Broadbeach, going to Main beach and peeling off towards Southport, the business district.

With 14 trams, the circuit leaves each of the 16 stations every seven and every ten minutes in weekdays and weekends, during the day. It works all night on the weekends, taking nightlife revelers and diners home easily and safely.

The peaceful and convenience of Melbourne’s trams with the low cost and quick speed of Sydney’s inner-city ones make a good comparison with the G:link system, which is excellent for the cultural identity that’s developing and the growing population of the Gold Coast, both which demand a quick and comfortable way to get places.

Since it’s the central district in the route, Surfer Paradise has been impacted heavily by traffic disturbance and the construction process for the duration of the project. The traders, tourists and locals were happy when it was completed, bringing the town a very new energy.

Not only it became much more quiet, now the precinct is visually renovated, with the fresh Boulevard freed from the hard hats and concrete barriers. The newly re-opened Cavill Avenue streams with freshness and friendly faces who enjoy the new look.

By the end of September, the millionth passenger was carried by Light Rail – an incredible achievement, considering the transport system wasn’t even two months old by the. The Light Rail project was awarded the ISCA, an award for sustainable infrastructure projects, through McConnel Dowell.

The new, revived urban vibe reflects the success of the project, and the Surfers Paradise population changes perhaps as often as the tides do. It’s the same fantastic city that it has always been – only improved.

The Foreshore Upgrade

Completed in 2011, the Foreshore renewal in Surfers Paradise cost $25 million, and has achieved similar success to the Light Rail. While the rail managed to get the city’s heard in touch with urban areas nearby, the upgrade in the foreshore interlaced the vivacity of the city’s street life with its gentle dunes of sand.

Matchless in terms of brickmeets, Surfers Paradise is capable of turning suit-clad businessmen or high-end shoppers to beach goers in a matter of minutes

The renewal made the Foreshore area safer to cross, giving it better beach access and footpaths. A large number of public picnic and barbeque areas demonstrate the outdoor–loving nature of the city. The shades of beautiful Pandanus trees as well as a clean, beautiful garden helps project the possibility of a urban yet natural paradise.

The connective and distinct design of the Surfers Paradise matches the Bold Future vision, launched by the City of Gold Coast’s Council in 2009. The main idea of the project is to pick Surfers Paradise as the heart of the Gold Coast, and basing its cutting-edge design in safety, nature and interconnectedness.

With each new goal, Surfers Paradise reaches a new success, and it’s expected to achieve more and more in the future. The last 30 years of change foresee the new great changes and transformations that are coming, led by the inspiring population and the forward-thinking council.

The heart of Surfers Paradise remains beating, and improves with each pulse – today is the perfect time to let yourself be enveloped by the stunning sensory experience that the city offers. Check out the city’s endless attractions and awesome, unique personality.