10 Must Try Gold Coast Restaurants

Amazing beaches, sunshine, gorgeous weather and food are all things that the Gold Coast is known for. There is no shortage of great places to eat at while on the Gold Coast. There is everything from small cafes to fine dining restaurants. Here are 10 restaurants to try next time you are on the Gold Coast.

1. Etsu Izakaya- This is an amazing Japanese restaurant/bar and you have the choice to be seated on a bar stool, a tatami booth or a conventional table. Some of the food you can get here include silken tofu, which is made locally, and you can order some Mooloolaba prawn/scallop. If you’re looking for an intimate dinner spot, then this is not it, but you’re after fast, loud and pure fun, then you cannot go wrong with this restaurant.

2. The Fish House- Are you looking for beach-side dining that offers you an atmosphere that is elegant and sophisticated because if you are, then the Fish House is for you. The restaurant offers you the chance to dine on various starters and a number of entrees, which includes various whole fish. You will love sitting right by the beach and enjoying seafood while at this restaurant, and best of all, it’s not as expensive as most people think, so make sure you check out the Fish House when you are visiting the Gold Coast. As for where it is located, you can find them at 50 Goodwin Tearrace in Burleigh Heads, and their phone number is 07 5535 7725, so give them a call and ask them any questions you may have about their food and restaurant.

3. Hank Dining And Bar- Located in Broadbeach, Hank Dining and Bar is known for all things meaty and for dishes that are best described as bold and flavorable. You’ll love the opportunity to try octopus here and you will enjoy eating lemon potatoes, smoked bone marrow topped with delicious mushrooms, with a side of salad. If you are a fan of meat and you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, then the Hank Dining and Bar is for you, and make sure you spend some time at the bar because there are many drinks available.

4. Justin Lane- This is a pizzeria and a pasta bar with a loud vibe to it and there is even rooftop dining available here, and drinking space. You will be treated to views of the beach and the tall buildings of Surfers, so make sure you try this place out when you want to watch the sun set. There are delicious pasta dishes for you to choose from and there are various pizza dishes. This is a great place to go to when you want to take in amazing views of the surrounding area, while enjoying a slice of pizza or some pasta, so make sure you check out this alluring venue that is known for its lively atmosphere.

5. Kiyomi- When you enter the lobby of this restaurant, you will be amazed by the decor and the giant portrait that is very noticeable. The menu features items such as umami with sugar and spice, but don’t worry about not being able to decide what you want to order because the chances are the staff will be more than willing to help you decide. They may recommend dishes such as the grilled octopus or the sushi bar. Sure, there are many Japanese restaurants in the Gold Coast, but one of the best ones is Kiyomi, which is known for its great dishes and fair prices.

6. Mamasan Kitchen Bar- This restaurant is located on Oracle Blvd Broadbeach, and the crowd that can be found here is usually young, but people of all ages are welcomed to dine here, which you should if you love bar-like vibes and atmospheres. Make sure you try the squid that is served here, as well as the wonton wrappers. There are a number of cuisines from various Asian countries that can be found on the menu, which you may be overwhelmed by, but in a very good way. If you like restaurants with high quality food and an extensive menu, and a lively atmosphere, then you will love it at the Mamasan Kitchen Bar.

7. Ristorante Fellini- You simply cannot look at the menu at this place and immediately know what you want to get. This is because they have a very extensive menu, which means you will have to take your time to think about what you want. Everything on it looks great and that can make it even harder to know what you want.

Don’t worry though because you’ll be treated to views of the nearby marina. You’ll also be able to order something from the wine list. There are a number of Italian dishes you can get too. Just take your time to figure out what you want and then place your order.

8. Salt Grill- The Salt Grill offers you a sleek dining environment and the waitstaff wear aprons, treat their customers with respect, and the dining experience is more of a formal one. The dining room has plenty of seating options, so it doesn’t matter if you want to be in the center of the room or somewhere more intimate, such as a corner table. Regardless of where you sit, you can order amazing dishes such as the Hiramasa Kingfish.

9. Social Eating House- We also have the Social Eating House, which is home to amazing tasting wines and good snacks, such as empanadas. Trout mousse on rye toast can be ordered here too, or you may be interested in ordering some Yarra Valley salmon, but the choice is up to you. Just make sure you try the Social Eating House while you’re on the Gold Coast because it is one of the best restaurants around.

10. Ten Japanese- The Ten Japanese features well-lit rooms and a very attentive staff that provides nothing but the best service and you will be give hot towels and a menu that features global waters. Feel free to start things off with a crab omelette and then you can order some sushi or a meat dish as your main dish. Regardless of what dish you order, you can rest assure it will taste good and will be made with great care because the chefs and the cooks there take their jobs very seriously.

The Gold Coast is home to hundreds of restaurants, but there are some restaurants you should visit before going to any other ones. The 10 restaurants above are some the newest and best restaurants on the Gold Coast. The next time you find yourself in the Gold Coast, then make sure you dine at any of the above restaurants because you will love what they have to offer. Best of all, each of those restaurants charge a fair price for their beverages and dishes, which gives you even more reasons to go to them.